Wednesday, April 4, 2018

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Nisan 19

He leads me beside still waters. (Ps 23:2 ISR)

Some years ago, my husband and I took a camping trip into the Wind River Mountain Range (part of the extended Rocky Mountains), headed to our #1 favorite spot, a big open park, with a good size creek running through it.  While we were there (spent 5 days and 4 nights), we decided to hike to a small lake nearby, one that was on the topo map that we have, but we could never see a trail to it. 

We never did find the lake, but we saw so many other beautiful parts of our Elohim’s creation, and thoroughly enjoyed our hike.  As we were making our way back to camp, we could hear the sound of what sounded like a waterfall.  We followed the sound, and emerged on the banks of an extremely fast flowing river, tumbling and rolling over huge rocks and boulders.  And it was very loud, and fast.  Somewhere, I still have pictures of it.

Because of their nervous dispositions, sheep run away from things that are loud, such as a wildly rushing river, stream or creek.  The sounds inhibit their ability to hear true sounds signaling danger, and the waves and foam from the chaotic water is not something they will drink from.  Sheep will always prefer to quench their thirst somewhere where there is a sense of quiet, and calm – a place of shalom.

The word menûchâh (Strong’s H4496) is what has been translated as “still”, and denotes a place of rest and quiet.  As it is with the sheep, it is also so with us:  we tend to do our best learning, feeding, studying and listening in an atmosphere of quiet and security.  This has been true for eons; even the Prophet Elijah had to learn of the Creator’s “still, small voice” (see 1Kin 19:12). 

May we all learn to appreciate those places of rest and quiet, the ones that our Father provides for us, where we can drink from the well that never goes dry … (See John 4:7-15)

O Elohim, You are my Ěl; I earnestly seek You; My being has thirsted for You; My flesh has longed for You In a dry and thirsty land without water. (Ps 63:1 ISR)

Be still, and know that I am Elohim; I am exalted among nations, I am exalted in the earth!
(Ps 46:10)


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Your Daily Slice

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