Monday, March 19, 2018

Your Daily Slice

Nisan 3

I remember the deeds of Yah, For I remember Your wonders of old. And I shall meditate on all Your work, And talk of Your deeds. (Ps 11:11-12 ISR)

There are those occasions when it is a good thing to “remember” the journey we have taken to reach the place where we are today.  When we find ourselves in the middle of an especially dry season with our Elohim, we need to encourage ourselves, as King David did (see 1Sam 30:6), and rehearse the times in the past when our Creator was faithful to us.  To remember how Elohim Avinu, Elohim our Father, stood by us in the times of trouble, how he delivered us from the snare of the fowler (Ps 91:3), how He healed us, comforted us, and walked with us through “the valley of the shadow of death” (Ps 23) will always be a source of encouragement to us.

We also need to speak to each other of these things – this is what “test-imonies” are – and as we rehearse and recount the many victories we have had, our faith increases, from faith to faith.  Praise will rise, and become a sweet aroma in the nostrils of our YAH, and our King.  Our Elohim is enthroned on the praises of His people, Yisra’el (Ps 22:3), and He is a rewarder of those who earnestly seek Him (Heb 11:6).  He is the El-Shaddai, the All-Sufficient, All-Mighty One, the One who is more than enough. (Gen 17:1).

Therefore encourage one another, and build up one another, as indeed you do.” (1The 5:11 ISR)

And let us be concerned for one another in order to stir up love and good works, not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging, and so much more as you see the Day coming near.” (Heb 10:24-24 ISR, emphasis mine)


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Your Daily Slice

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