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Yom Berekha

Blessed are You, YHWH our Elohim, King of the universe, who has hand chosen the people You desire to be a part of my life. As iron sharpens iron, each person is a part of my life for YOUR purpose, and I thank You, ABBA, for the richness each one has brought. Friendship is a treasured relationship, for not only is there the bond of YHWH as Father, but there is the added joy of each other’s company. Thank You, YAH, for each one of my friends that You have brought into my life, and I speak blessings over them, this day, the day that YOU have made! Hallelu-YAH!

“that I shall certainly bless you …”

Ps 37:23; Pro 27:17; Pro 17:17; Ps 118:24; Gen 22:17