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Yom Berekha

Blessed are You, YHWH our Elohim, king of the universe, who continues to encourage me through Your Word, Your Torah. By studying Your example, I learn how important it is to BE one who encourages, edifies, and exhorts. You tell me my words must be a source of LIFE, not death, and that only by taming and disciplining my mouth do I reveal myself to be a mature child of Yours. Help me, ABBA, to encourage as I desire to be encouraged. Let me learn to be generous with my brother, my sister, when they stumble and become discouraged. Let my hand be always willing to take theirs, and my shoulder willing to help bear the burden, as we walk this walk with You. In Yeshua’s NAME … Amein.

2Cor 13:11; 1Tim 4:6; Deu 8:3; 1Thes 5:11; Acts 5:20; Pro 18:21; Jam 3:5-8; 1Thes 5:14; Heb 13:1,16