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Yom Berekha

Blessed are You, YHWH our Elohim, King of the universe, who has given me a habitation, a dwelling place, a place to call home while I sojourn upon this earth. I understand that what I see at the present is not my eternal home, my final destination. However, You, ABBA, have provided for me, in Your mercy, a place where I can dwell, a sanctuary, where I can rest at the end of each day. I thank You, my Elohim, for the security of a place where I was able to raise my children, a place where I can close the door on the cares of this world, and fellowship with You, and with my family. Eye has not seen, nor ear heard the things You have laid up for me, my wonderful Father!

Deu 6:11; Joh 14:2-3; Ps 84; Ps 128:3; 1Cor 2:9; Isa 64:4