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Your Daily Blessing

Blessed are You, YHWH our Elohim, King of the universe, who orders my steps, one step at a time, one by one. You bring calm out of chaos, peace out of panic, and a sense of direction from total disaster. You are the “El Roi”, the Elohim Who SEES, and to know that Your eyes are fixed upon me, caring for me, is beyond my comprehension.  “Who is like You, O יהוה [YHWH], among the mighty ones?Who is like You, great in set-apartness, awesome in praises, working wonders?”  There is NO ONE, no one like our YAH, no one like our ABBA Father. Hallelu-YAH!

Ps 37:23; Gen 1:2-10; Mar 4:39; Gen 16:13; Ex 15:11; Isa 46:9