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Your Daily Slice


“… For his mouth speaks what overflows from his heart.”  (Luke 6:45 CJB)

ABBA, my Father, my heart is overflowing.  Words are very inadequate.  To say ‘I love YOU’ is not sufficient, it does not begin to express the depth of the emotion within me toward You.  You are the breath that I draw, for without You, there is no breathing.  You are the light and the delight of my eyes, for with my eyes I look upon all that You have created, and all that You continue to do to bless and honor Your children.

You are the beat of my heart, for You are the One that formed me within my mother’s womb.  You continue to monitor this heart, making sure it functions in the capacity for which You created it.  You are the sweet fragrance in my nostril, letting me know that You are near, by the gentle touch upon my head.  With my hands, I reach out to You; You take me by the hand, leading and guiding me along the paths of righteousness.

You are my “Joy unspeakable and full of GLORY” (1Peter 1:8), my “Bright and Morning Star” (Revelation 22:16), and my “Lover and Beloved” (Song of Solomon 2:16).  You are the ‘El Yeshuati’, the God of my Salvation (Isaiah 12:2), and I rejoice in that I belong to YOU!

“My heart is overflowing with good news. I will direct my song to the king.” (Psalm 45:1 GWT

©2016 Merete Marx