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No Evil

“Because YOU have made the Lord YOUR refuge, and the Most High YOUR dwelling place, there shall no evil befall you, nor any plague or calamity come near YOUR tent.”  (Psalm 91:9-10 Amp, emphasis mine)

As we move with ever increasing acceleration toward the day of Messiah Yeshua’s return, we can see with our eyes expanded evil of EVERY sort exploding in the world around us.  Sexual perversions unimaginable, extreme violence that are now a common occurrence, as well as the many natural disasters that are happening on a daily, almost hourly schedule:  all of this adds up.  We find many warnings throughout YHWH’s Word of what is now taking place, yet here, in this opening verse, we have a promise of protection and shelter from anything that could, or would, come at us.
HOWEVER, ABBA Father can do very little until WE first choose to make HIM our refuge, our habitation, our permanent address through a relationship of close intimacy.  In modern day terminology, this has become known as recogn…


“A thousand may fall at your side, and ten thousand at your right hand, but it shall not come near you.  Only a SPECTATOR shall you be [yourself INACCESSIBLE in the secret place of the most high] as you witness the reward of the wicked.”(Psalm 91:7-8 Amp, emphasis mine)

In 2Kings chapter 19, we find the account of an amazing deliverance worked by ONEangel, at the command of YHWH Elohim.  The King of Assyria, Sennacherib, had sent a GREAT army against Hezekiah, the Hebrew King of Judah, and was determined to defeat him.  Hezekiah was a man who loved YHWH, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and was devoted to serving Him.  As the city of Jerusalem lay surrounded and besieged by this vast army, Sennacherib’s general sent an insulting letter to King Hezekiah, demanding the complete surrender and submission of Judah to Assyria.  Hezekiah takes this letter to the ‘House of the Lord’, spreads it out before YHWH (2Kings 19:14), and seeks out our ABBA Father for divine intervention.  The res…

A Day of Repentance

“And saying, The [appointed period of] time is fulfilled (completed), and the kingdom of God is at hand; repent (HAVE A CHANGE OF MIND WHICH ISSUES IN REGRET FOR PAST SINS AND IN CHANGE OF CONDUCT FOR THE BETTER) and believe (trust in, rely on, and adhere to) the good news (the Gospel).”  (Mark 1:15 Amp, emphasis mine)

Last night, at sundown, marked the beginning of the FIRST of the fall feasts of the Lord (see Leviticus 23), known to many as ‘Yom Teruah’, the ‘Feast of Trumpets’, or ‘Rosh Hashanah’.  According to the Hebrew calendar, this marks the beginning of the CIVIL New Year, and ancient Jewish wisdom believes that this is also the day that YHWH began His work of creation, as told to us in the first chapter of Genesis .  If we would have been following the “appointed times”, we would have spent the last 30 days, prior to ‘Yom Teruah’, as a time of self-examination and “teshuvah” (repentance) before the Lord, confessing our sins, transgressions and shortcomings.  “Repentance” is T…

NOT Afraid

“You shall NOT BE AFRAID of the terror of the night, nor of the arrow (the evil plots and slanders of the wicked) that flies by day, nor of the pestilence that stalks in darkness, nor of the destruction and sudden death that surprise and lay waste at noonday.”  (Psalm 91:5-6 Amp, emphasis mine)

It is human nature to be afraid of what we cannot see, and darkness can hide many ugly things.  But there are also many attacks and ambushes that appear out of nowhere in the brightness of day; we all have a ‘blind side’ that our enemy is well aware of.  These attacks come in every shape and form, and their single purpose is to pull us away from believing, and trusting in, the only true and living God. 
It was interesting to find that in the original Hebrew ‘Tanakh’ (Jewish Study Bible), from the old Chaldean manuscripts, these verses also imply attacks from demonic forces and rulers of darkness.  Included is also the angel of death, who was active during the first Passover, and the exodus from …

HIS Truth

“… His truth is a shield and protection.”  (Psalm 91:4 CJB)

With our residency in the “secret place” of the Most High, now comes intimacy. The more time we spend in this secret place, the more we will know HIM, our ‘Elohim’, and the more He will reveal to us the depths of His Word.  The more we understand His Word, the more we will desire both the written WORD, and the living WORD, Messiah Yeshua.
But with the intimacy comes accountability.  This is true of any relationship, and it is much more so with our ABBA Father, our Heavenly Husband, our Creator and God. We cannot claim to love someone, want to live with them in intimacy, and not be willing to be obedient and accountable.  When we choose to walk in this obedience, from within this secret place, we find we are encircled with this “shield of truth” that sets us free.  However, it is only the truth that you KNOW (personally and intimately), that will set you free.

“… If you OBEY what I say, then you are really my talmidim {disciples}


“He will COVER YOU with his wings; you will be safe in His care; His faithfulness will protect and defend you.”  (Psalm 91:4 GNT, emphasis mine)
During the early colonial times here in the United States, a marriage custom arose when clergymen were few and far between.  The custom came to be known as ‘Jumping over the Broom’: when a couple had participated in this act, they were considered married, until such time as a minister was available to legalize the already accomplished deed.  Many such marriages never did have the benefit of a clergyman, yet the marriage in question was still considered just as legal and binding as if it had been blessed by clergy.
It was of especial interest to find the expression in ancient Hebrew - “to spread one’s wings over” - means to LEGALLY take a wife.  Tied in together with this phrase is the fact that the corner of the tallit, the Jewish prayer shawl, is often referred to as a wing (The Complete Word Study Dictionary: Old Testament, Copyright2003 by A…


“He will rescue you from the trap of the hunter and from the plague of calamities …” (Psalm 91:3 CJB)

Whenever we are caught in a torrential rainstorm, an umbrella will only do us good while we are standing under it.  The same is true of our relationship with our ABBA Father:  He can only rescue us while we choose to remain, to sit down, and take up permanent residency in the “secret place of the Most High”.  Once we have determined with the heavenly ‘Post Office’ WHERE our address is, then there is no question as to WHO our defender is.
And make no mistake, we have a diligent hunter who continuously lays ‘traps’ for us, trying to trip us up and lay us low.  He is very much our adversary, and while he cannot defeat us, for “greater is HE that is IN us that he that is in the world” (1John 4:4), we must be aware of who he is, and the methods he uses in these attacks.
“The thief does not come except to steal, and to slaughter, and to destroy. I have come that they might possess LIFE, and th…

I Choose

I will say of the Lord, He is MY Refuge and MY Fortress, MY God; on Him I lean and rely, and in Him I [confidently] trust!”  (Psalm 91:2 Amp, emphasis mine)

I CHOOSE, by an act of my own free will, to say that YHWH Elohim, the creator of this universe, is MY God, my personal God, and I take Him to myself as MINE.  I willingly allow Him to take ownership of me.  I choose Him, the “EL OLAM”, the Everlasting God, the One who is, who was, and is to come (Revelation 1:8).  I choose to recognize the covenant that my Adon, my Lord and my Master, has with me, and I choose to believe that He will keep every part of this covenant that has been signed, sealed, and delivered with the blood of my Yeshua Mashiach, Jesus the Messiah.
In this second verse on Psalm 91, we are required to ‘put our money where our mouth is’.  The time has now come down to the wire:  CHOOSE YOU this day who you will serve (Joshua 24:15), and we must make our confession accordingly.  As we openly, vocally, and proudly, ac…


“Those … will find REST in the shadow of the Almighty.”  (Psalm 91:1 NLT, emphasis mine)

King David, also known as the ‘Shepherd King’, is the author of Psalm 91, and we learn much more from this psalm when we attempt to look at it from a shepherd’s point of view.  The Hebrew word translated as ‘abide’, or ‘find rest’ is the word “lûn”, and basically means to lodge, to rest, to stay, often for overnight.  For a shepherd, finding secure shelter for his sheep at night was a great priority, so for David to say that there is secure and peaceful overnight rest in “the shadow of the El-Shaddai”, there is no greater statement of trust that could be given.
But where IS the “shadow of the Almighty”?  We know where a physical shadow is found, in that it is shade formed by an object, or a person, that has intercepted rays of light, usually sunlight.  We also know that we need to walk fairly close to another individual, if we desire their shadow to fall on us.  Therefore, if we desire to find rest …

The Secret Place

“You who SIT DOWN in the High God’s presence…” (Psalm 91:1 MB, emphasis mine)

Some years ago, I was spending time with our youngest daughter, and HER daughter (our granddaughter) at a public playground, just enjoying quality family time.  Emma, our granddaughter, would amuse herself on the swings and slides, occasionally running back to her mother to ‘check in’, and then would be off again, as busy as a healthy (then) four year old could be.  It was as I sat watching Emma, that YHWH dropped this revelation of truth into my spirit:  Many of us treat our time with ABBA Father in this same way, running back and forth, ‘checking in’, never stopping long enough to listen to what HE has to say, or sense that He simply desires this same “quality family time” with us, HIS children …
Here in the high desert of the United States, where my husband and I live, we have what is known as ‘tumbleweed’ – a brush which has no real root system.  When extreme conditions arise, such as wind, heat, cold, dro…


“… For his mouth speaks what overflows from his heart.”  (Luke 6:45 CJB)

Avi, my ABBA, my heart is overflowing.  Words are very inadequate.  To say ‘I love YOU’ is insufficient, it does not begin to express the depth of the emotion within me toward You.  You are the breath that I draw, for without You, there is no breathing.  You are the light and the delight of my eyes, for with my eyes I look upon all that You have created, and all that You continue to do to bless and honor Your children.
You are the beat of my heart, for You are the One that formed me within my mother’s womb.  You continue to monitor this heart, making sure it functions in the capacity for which You created it.  You are the sweet fragrance in my nostril, letting me know that You are near, by the gentle touch upon my head.  With my hands, I reach out to You, and You take me by the hand, to lead me and guide me along the paths of righteousness.
You are my “Joy unspeakable and full of GLORY” (1Peter 1:8), my “Bright and…


Examine yourselves whether you are in the belief – prove yourselves.  Or do you not KNOW yourselves, that Yeshua Messiah is in you, unless you are disapproved.” (2Corinthians 13:5 ISR, emphasis mine)

How does one gauge the extent of WHO we are?  Whom do you KNOW, and know well?  Who do you hang out with?  What are you certain of?  What can you test and prove within yourself, and evaluate against the standard of the Torah, the Word of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob?  What is the ONE statement that you can make that you know is absolute and complete truth?

“For I KNOW that my Redeemer and Vindicator lives, and at last He [the Last One] will stand upon the earth …. Whom I, even I, shall see for myself and on my side! And my eyes shall behold Him, and not as a stranger!”(Job 19:25, 27 Amp, emphasis mine)

©2013 Merete Marx

My Delight

“TAKE DELIGHT in the Lord, and He will give you your heart’s desires.”  (Psalm 37: 4 NLT, emphasis mine)

Mankind, just by being human, are by nature SELF-centered – focused entirely on having MY needs met, MY wants fulfilled, MY desires catered to.  However, once an individual enters into Adonai Elohim’s kingdom, the focus should then become completely opposite; WE (or ME) are no longer the center of attention or importance.  It is no longer ‘all about ME’; it is now ‘ALL ABOUT HIM’.  As we turn our eyes on YHWH, and allow our Creator and God to become the desire of our life and heart, then taking care of our desires becomes important to our ABBA Father.
This word ‘delight’translated from the original Hebrew, is the word ‘nag’ (Strong’s #H6026), and included in the meaning is the essence of being soft AND pliable, delicate and dainty of habit.  So not only are we to take exquisite delight and great pleasure in our Father God, we are also to be happy and merry as we remain pliable, mold…

Daily Prayer

In this, my prayer, I continually ask the Eloah of Adon Yeshua the Messiah, the glorious Father, to give me the Spirit of wisdom and of revelation in the knowledge of HIM.   I pray that He will give light to the eyes of my heart, so that I may know and understand the hope to which He has called me, what rich glories there are in the inheritance He has promised His people,  and how surpassingly great is His power working in ME, as I trust in Him.
When I lack wisdom, I ask of my Elohim, who gives to me generously and without reproach; and it is given to me.  I ask in faith and trust, doubting nothing, for I strive NOT to be like a wave in the sea, being tossed and driven by the wind.
I continually pray that the Spirit of YHWH would rest upon me, the Spirit of wisdom and understanding, the Spirit of counsel and might, the Spirit of revelation knowledge and of the reverential fear and awe of YHWH.  My delight IS in the fear of YHWH, and I strive not to judge by the sight of my eyes, nor dec…

Wise As Serpents

"Behold, I am sending you out like sheep in the midst of wolves; BE WARY AND WISE as serpents, and BE INNOCENT (harmless, guileless, and without falsity) as doves."(Matthew 10:16 Amp, emphasis mine)

Sheep, like doves, are meek, timid, and basically defenseless; they are easily frightened, and easily scattered.  Wolves, on the other hand, are by nature aggressive, fierce and ravenous, especially to sheep.  My husband and I, at one time, lived in a part of the United States where there can still be found large bands of sheep (1000 or more in a band).  Predators are an ongoing concern for those sheepherders year round.  These bands, or herds, are tended by a shepherd, and most have trained dogs to help guard and protect the sheep from wolves, coyotes, mountain lions, and other predators.  This particular statement in Matthew has long struck a wrong chord in me; sheep, wolves, snakes and doves are mentioned all in the same verse, with the sheep and the doves coming out as likely …


There are two basic, standard requirements in the kingdom of YHWH that will put us in line for ‘promotion’:  obedience, and the heart of a servant.  These dual qualifications walk hand in hand, and can even be called mirror images of each other.  A successful servant is an obedient one, and a servant that has been proven trustworthy in their obedience will be rewarded.  However, we must have the one in order to be successful in the other, and visa versa. 
Your attitude must be like my own, for I, the Messiah, did NOT come to be served, BUT TO SERVE, and to give my life as a ransom for many.(Matthew 20:28 TLB, emphasis mine)
The obedient heart of a servant is the heart-beat of our Messiah Yeshua.  Anything else is birthed out of pride and arrogance, and will be the death of any promotion in the kingdom of YHWH.  The heart of servant is one always willing to obey, and like Samuel, will answer, “Here I am” (1Samuel 3:4).
… fulfill my joy by being LIKE-MINDED, having the same love, being of…

I Do Not Change

All Scripture is breathed by Elohim and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for setting straight, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of Elohim might be fitted, equipped for every good work.” (2Timothy 3:16-17, The Scriptures, ©ISR)
For I am the Lord, I do not change …” (Malachi 3:6 Amp)

I first came to the knowledge of Yeshua as my Messiah and Redeemer about 33 years ago, and have been teaching YHWH’s Word, either in writing, or orally, for more than 23 years.  For many of those 23 years, I devoted time to the research of the origin of the Christian Bible, as to how and when it was translated.  Accuracy is always questionable, especially when we look at all of the many versions available today.  There are many reference books on hand for the reader on this subject; I will not engage in a debate as to who, what, when and why.  It is because of the research that I have done that I now limit my Bible use to a few select translations: THE SCRIPTURES (translated by the Instit…

WHO Are You Hearing?

“What has been is what will be, what has been done is what will be done, and THERE IS NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN. Is there something of which it is said, “See, this is new”? It existed already in the ages before us.”(Ecclesiastes 1:9-10 CJB, emphasis mine)

When the serpent appeared to Eve in the Garden, his plan was to twist and pervert the WORD that YHWH had given to these first humans, causing them to doubt the sincerity and integrity of the Father (see Genesis 3:1-5).  When Messiah Yeshua was tempted in the wilderness by the adversary, it was the same plan and purpose that was used in the Garden.  Twisting and perverting the TORAH, the WORD of God (see Luke 4:1-13), the adversary tried to trick and trap our Lord. 
Please understand, brothers and sisters, our adversary (the devil) is very familiar with the WORD of YHWH, and knows it backwards, forward, and inside out.  He has studied God’s Word since it was first spoken, which is why he is able to so easily pervert and twist it.

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